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Mentorship Program
This Mentorship Program is a path to understanding the connection between your emotions, physicality, and soul. We work together to unlock your roadblocks and create an action based self-practice of discovery, acceptance, and growth. As a Mentee you are committing to deep inner work, embracing vulnerability, fostering joy as you discover your unique abilities and incorporate them into all aspects of your life. We are intuitive healers of ourselves first and then in our relationships whether personal or professional.

The primary goal of mentorship is to help you reach your full potential and achieve your goals. As a Mentor I provide guidance, encouragement, and constructive feedback to assist you in conquering the struggles and roadblocks keeping you from reaching your desired goals, bringing you fresh insights and perspectives learned from my own experiences.

Are you looking for an accountability partner to assist you in reaching your goals, uncover your purpose and build a path forward in real time?

All Mentorships are based on your individual journey with a commitment to growth and self-discovery. I am an entrepreneur at heart with a unique perspective of what it means to function and prosper outside of the box of normalcy. Owning and operating three different businesses over the last 30 years has led to a deeper understanding of myself and what it takes to create fulfillment not only professionally but most importantly personally.

I started working part-time at the age of fourteen in a medical clinic after school, weekends, and summer vacations until I graduated High School. The doctor I worked for offered to pay for me to go to nursing school with a guaranteed place in his practice during my education and after graduation. After my first year I realized that nursing was not for me, but I did have a strong desire to help others. It was a difficult decision to quit what was a certain path to success with generous help and expectations from others. It ended up being the beginning of many choices that did not make sense to others which has led me to where I am today loving my work helping others find their own unique path in life.

That initial decision led me to a 35 year accounting and business consulting career which included working in a large corporate accounting department with no previous accounting experience, starting and building a successful house cleaning business as I studied and received my accounting degree, earning my way from staff accountant to junior partner to full partner in a tax accounting practice, then starting a successful Life Empowerment Coach/Energy Intuitive business which is still growing.

I successfully built and sold my interests in both of those businesses, which has enabled my continued financial independence. This proven experience is the backbone of my practice and how I effectively help you achieve results.

I believe that we are on a continuous path of healing and growth. The greatest tool I have to offer as your Mentor is my experiences of success and failure and the knowledge gained that informs my present-day perspective of neutrality. This gives permission to dig deeper without judgement, making way for a path forward. Knowledge is power! We gain it by slowing down, getting curious and removing the judgement of ourselves and from others so that we can feel as well as see with clarity.

My proven experience brings:

Creating and building structures to optimize maximum profits and productivity for individuals and businesses

Tools to build work/life balance

Resource building – Wealth, Health and Happiness

Active Manifesting to create and put into action a life plan that aligns with your Core Values

Achievable goals, active listening, effective communication with empathy, patience and
understanding of the process.

Offerings available, although not limited to:

*Deepening Intuitive Connection and Integration in your Professional Development
*Breaking through roadblocks that keep you from moving forward whether in your personal or professional life
*Business Development – create a business plan that allows for abundance in all areas of your life
*Resources – breaking your roadblocks with creating abundance in resources (health, love, money, happiness, relationships and so much more)
*Active Manifestation – we manifest through action. Envision it and make it happen. Practical tools to bring this practice into all aspects of your life.
*Breaking Habits and Patterns and creating new pathways that align with your Core Values
*Deepening your healing practice – personal and/or professional
*Reiki as a personal and/or professional practiceStudy of the physical, mental and emotional body and how it influences our choices. Building a relationship with your intuitive self and how to embrace your unique ability to facilitate energy movement with yourself and others.

Program Commitment and Cost:

Mentorships are tailored to your individual goals with an established plan for success that
includes flexibility and accountability. Growth rarely happens in a straight line and your success requires a commitment to yourself and the life you want to live.

Monthly –
Basic $350 – one 90-minute session, one 30-minute check-in, assignments for accountability

Intermediate $455 - two 60-minute sessions, one 30-minute check-in, assignments for accountability

Intensive $675 – weekly 60-minute sessions, assignments for accountability

**All programs are month to month with the flexibility to move from one to another depending on your goals and action plan.

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary Mentoring Consultation to see if this program is what you have been looking for to achieve the success you desire.

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Mira’s intuitive healing and shared wisdom have been invaluable for my journey. The healing I receive from her with every session has infinitely altered my life. Her gifts are powerful and accurate with an extraordinary ability to hone in on the most important aspect of what is in need of healing. She creatively offers tools that are easily incorporated in the day-to-day journey which have led to miraculous changes in my existence.
Elizabeth, Bellingham, WA
Mira’s devotion to the art of healing and perfecting her intuitive abilities is a breath taking and powerful combination. This devotion served her family, her corporate work, and now her magical ability helping others heal!
Marie Manuchehri, R.N., author of Intuitive Self-Healing
Getting “help” can be intimidating. Not with Mira. I’ve never felt more comfortable seeking guidance with my life. She really was able to get me on track and helped me shed versions of myself that were no
longer serving me. Mira is so intuitive and has a way of empowering you that makes change possible (even though it’s scary). Mira has helped me navigate some really hard times and for that I’m am
eternally grateful!!
Cori, Kirkland, WA
Mira is truly a gift from beyond! She came into my life at the perfect time and has been instrumental in my spiritual growth for the past 10+ years.  Her earthy and grounded approach provides stability whenthings feel out of control. She is loving and thoughtful in her approach, but never gives away the ability to learn and grow in my own way.  My awakening has been guided and nurtured by Mira, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.  Her abilities to guide my energy, awaken my senses and pull me down to earth provide so much peace. I’m truly blessed to have her as a spiritual mentor.
Shelagh, Austin, TX
Working with Mira is like being enveloped in a big cocoon of love and support… which is important, because the work you do with her reaches into those deep corners you might otherwise avoid. That is where the growth and healing happen! When they say “life is what happens outside of your comfort zone” it couldn’t be more true. With Mira’s intuitive guidance, you can confidently navigate those feelings and emotions and propel yourself in the direction that best serves your spirit on so many levels. Mira is a treasure and I feel very blessed to know
Sarah, Mill Creek, WA
Mira’s work is truly fantastic!!! As I look for words, it is hard to describe the amazing grace and style in which she does her energy work. I can say in words she is gracious, loving, honoring and passionate about working with your energy, body and life… to empower the best in each of us… so that we can live our lives to the fullest with clarity and changed/cleared energy.
I have referred and will continue to refer my closest friends and family to her, as I truly leave each appointment asking myself “how can people live/function without this?”
Mira is a gift.
Laney, Rancho Mirage, CA
Recently a friend asked me about Reiki. “Why do you go for Reiki?” she wanted to know. I took a few minutes before I could answer, mainly because how do you describe something so deeply nurturing and loving as Mira’s unique kind of healing. After a pause, I described it like this: I go to Mira because not only do I feel “healed” but I feel thoroughly cleansed. I feel strong and more able to pursue my hopes and dreams when I have Mira mentoring me. I feel as if my soul gets washed from the inside out. Mira, her soul coaching, and her Reiki treatments are my lifeline. The blockages removed, the pathways open. And so, every month, I give myself this one gift. Mira is undoubtedly the very best at what she does. Her calm serenity and gentleness are extraordinary. She listens and cares deeply for her clients, and helps them to find a “peace” about Life in a way that I truly believe comes directly from the Source of all Light and Love.
Sharice, Sammamish, WA
In my opinion, growth is never easy but always necessary. To the reader of this testimonial, you will not find a better reiki master or mentor than Mira. In our 150+ sessions together, she has never canceled, been late or given me less than 100% of her undivided attention. Mira is someone who “walks the walk,” and relates her own life journey into her practice in a way that is comforting and relatable to her clients. She would be the first to say that the work I’ve done has been my own, but it wouldn’t have been possible make it to where I’m at today without Mira Knight in the trenches beside me.
Steve, Lafayette, IN
I've been working with Mira since I was twelve, going on ten years now. She's become such a fixture of positivity and love in my life, a safe person who I can always turn to for guidance and support. Without her, I'd never have learned how to ground myself and find balance, or had someone to go to when I wasn't able to manage it myself. Anyone would be lucky to work with her, and I know I'll be continuing to do so for many years to come. 
Olive, Bellevue, WA
I have been seeing Mira on a regular basis for a little more than 5 years. I’ve seen many practitioners in the healing arts and Mira is exceptionally gifted. She offers a great combination of full safety and compassion while she stretches and challenges. I saw Mira monthly but decided to see her weekly when I was diagnosed with a health condition in 2020. That proved to be a really wise investment in myself.  I’ve moved through many layers of mental, emotional and physical healing. In psychotherapy, its easy to think and talk about change, but my experience with Reiki was that it has led to deeper self-actualized transformation.  I sleep, eat, breathe and relate to others more easily. My relationship with myself on a bad day is accepting, and most of the time is loving. I’m more empowered from within! Mira is knowledgeable in many different areas. She’s always prepared, focused, and completely present. I always feel seen. She has opened so many doors that have led to understanding, healing and joy.  
Susan – Bellevue, WA