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my name is Mira. I have lived in Issaquah for over 39 years and spend most of my days cooking, creating, and enjoying life with my partner, Robby.

I am a: Reiki Master, Soul Alchemist, Intuitive, Mentor, Writer, and Culinarian.

I am passionate about embracing wellness practices, mindset mentoring, health promoting food, and helping you find wholeness in your body, mind, and soul.

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It’s interesting when asked to define myself what I came up with. I have known since I was
young that I could do anything if I just focused and kept moving forward. Looking back I now
realize that it wasn’t until my Dad passed that I felt a sense of freedom to start exploring what I
truly wanted, uncovering the emotions that had been deeply buried. As I pushed myself to
confront my feelings I had no idea that I would discover how strongly I was connected to the
Universe, and have been since an early age. Taking a step into my past with a new set of eyes has
helped me move from surviving to thriving. The greatest gift I have given myself is the
permission of Choice. I have the ability to make a choice in every situation and can change my
choice at any time. I work on this freedom every day, some days it comes more easily than
others, but I have learned that the beauty is in the process. I feel whole and alive in the moment.
I have raised a family, lost a family, survived a family and gained an ever growing family and
through those journeys I have learned so much about myself and the ability to grow through
acceptance of my imperfect individuality and allow for others to have their own individuality
without it minimizing my own authenticity. Choice is such an essential part of any relationship.
Letting go of the perception that I have to be perfect to be valued has dramatically shifted how I
interact in all my relationships. It is sometimes uncomfortable, but in the end I remind myself
that discomfort goes with change, and soon it will pass.

My quest for a deeper understanding of myself brought me to energy medicine, and I met Marie
Manuchehri, RN and Energy Intuitive. It was through the experience of moving energy that I felt
driven to explore more of myself more deeply. I became a Reiki Master and graduated from
Marie’s two-year Mentoring Program, which forever changed my life. I allowed myself to get
vulnerable, fought through hard changes and made some life-long connections with a group of
sweet souls that push me to live in vulnerability and follow my passions. I have embraced my
inner dialogue and mostly welcome the highly charged conversations that push me into an
extraordinary place.

In working in the Corporate accounting world for over 30 years I have had the opportunity to
work with individuals in building their business, facing their fears around growth and resources.
Our journeys may be unique in circumstances but are similar in the basic rules of the Universe.
Integrity is the cornerstone to uncovering the purpose that lives in all of us. I was also a student
of the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training Program which gave me confirmation that
the tools I was using in my Accounting work and Healing work were based on the same
principals and that my purpose was to facilitate balance with the body, mind and soul.
I am honored and humbled to be working with individuals who are engaged in the search for
their authentic individuality. Their ability to be open to their own vulnerability, and looking
inside themselves, is a heartening adventure which I cherish.

Work With Me
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