Welcome to the Wellness Blog

I am excited to share my passion for all things that lead to a wellness lifestyle. Whether it is how we feed our body, mind or soul they all impact how we live our life. We often concentrate on how we appear on the outside, making ourselves presentable to others, our environment or who we want to be.

I will be focusing the information I share with you to be about how we appear on the inside. What I have learned in my many years of self-discovery is that what truly matters is how we live on the inside. Those beliefs, habits, patterns and self-talk affect how we are seen from the outside world. My daily practice is to have my inside match my outside in all things. Somedays are easier than others to achieve this. The more I give myself permission to make mistakes, observe them without judgement and consider what I would like to do when faced with that situation in the future the more authentic I become with myself which leads to a more authentic relationship with everyone I encounter.

I look forward to sharing this journey of Wellness with you!

Hugs, Mira